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In this day and age, due to the U.S. economy decline, many schools are cutting out creative music and art programs in order to cut back on budgets. This is a big, big mistake! I've included plenty of information below, including links to university studies and quotes that stress the importance of music in the lives of kids.
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Music is a FUN way to "let it all out"!
Being around music my whole life, I've often heard adult professionals say their lives would be entirely different if it weren't for music. For some, music has been a wonderful creative outlet, and for others it allowed them a place to voice their frustrations from other areas of their life when nobody would listen.
Giving children a way to "let it all out" that isn't destructive or negative, but rather, a very positive, feel-good experience is one way we, as parents, can help ensure that our children grow up to be emotionally healthy and strong.
A master’s thesis by Jeanne Akin, Music Makes a Difference, documents numerous studies that show the value of music education to learning the “core” curriculum. Highlights from a summary of Ms. Akin’s findings are as follows:
1. Arts education leads to cognitive and basic skills development (Medeja 1978) (Milley 1984).
2. Arts education increases interest in academic learning (Kaufman 1976).
3. High school music students have been shown to hold higher grade point averages (GPA) than non-musicians in the same school (Horne 1983).
4. The study of music produces the development of academic achievement skills (State of California 1986).
5. Learning to play a musical instrument helps students to develop faster physically, mentally, emotionally and socially (Mueller 1984).
6. There is a high relationship between high self-perception, high cognitive competence scores, general self-esteem and interest in school music (Lillemyre 1983).
7. Music lessons can lead to interest in academics (Olanoff & Kirschner 1969).
8. Music education improves student listening skills (Kohanski 1970).
9. Kindergarten basic skills achievement increases when music and other arts are added to the curriculum (Minicucci 1981).
10. Music and arts enriched curriculum can be a factor in raising IQ scores for second graders (Mathison 1977).
11. In reading for meaning, music students can out-achieve non-music students (Friedman 1959).
12. Children who have received school keyboard music lessons score higher in mathematics and history than students not in the program, although their IQ scores are no higher than the other students’ (ESEA 1969).
13. Receiving increased music instruction can lead to increased learning in mathematics (Malester 1986).
14. Brain research shows that music and arts activities develop the intellect (Sinatra 1986).
15. Research indicates that music instruction promotes academic achievement (Horne 1983).
16. There are many research studies that show a connection between music education and reinforcement for academic tasks (Madsen 1981).
17. Eye-hand coordination needed to learn to write can be developed by learning to play an instrument (Wishey 1980).
18. Disciplinary problems are reduced in school systems which have arts programs (Arts, Education and Americans 1980).
19. Personal expression is encouraged through performance in the arts (Oklahoma State Department of Education 1980).
20. Research indicates that reading music can improve reading language abilities in slow young learners (Tucker 1981).
Leading professional and university studies show that children involved in music have less discipline problems, better timing, coordination, and motor skills, higher test skills, higher creativity, more positive perceptions about their academic abilities, more cooperative with teachers and peers, more self-confident, and better able to express their ideas...
less discipline problems... better timing & coordination... higher test skills...
better grades... gratefulness... higher math scores...
enhancing abstract reasoning skills... better at language... lower stress
lower dropout rates... higher college attendance rates...
lower dropout rates... higher college attendance rates...
success in society, school, life, and developing intelligence...

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